To innovate with a stylish, secure and affordable fencing system.


Omega II is the “original” North American manufacturer who in 1992 introduced to the market a fresh new style of fencing systems. Since then, we can count thousands of projects and millions of linear feet enhancing the image of landscaping projects throughout North America and beyond.

Omega II is now proud to introduce the OMEGA VERTICAL GRATING - a line of electro-fused steel panels for fencing, infill panels, louvers, sunscreens and trellises. With a European flare, the OMEGA VERTICAL GRATING is available for architects to incorporate a modern design using a variety of patterns and possibilities. No matter what the choice, the results will be a highly secure, aesthetic solution with a complimentary element added to the landscape and surrounding architecture.

At Omega II we understand the need for versatility and change in the market place. We dedicate our efforts to offer outstanding fence systems at a competitive price for industrial, commercial, residential and custom designs. Our goal is to successfully integrate beauty, security and strength to produce the ideal fence for all projects, deterring even the most motivated trespasser and allowing your concept to shine through.

Some of our products are considered by architects as equal to products from Ametco, Orsogril, Barnett Bates, Grating Pacific, MFR, Metalco and Coda Architectural.