Innovation with a stylish, secure and affordable fencing system!

Omega II is the "original" North American fence manufacturer who in 1992 introduced to the market a fresh and unique fence system. We dedicate our efforts to offer a stylish ornamental fence at an affordable price for industrial, commercial, institutional, residential and custom designs.

Our expanded line of products is evermore present throughout the United States and Canada. In view of the growing demand for our products, we are offering to a few selected agencies the opportunity to represent us.

We can offer to qualifying agencies:

We offer a wide variety of fences of which you can see examples on our web site at Our most recent and innovative product is the Omega ECO, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding landscape architect. The Omega ECO is a living fence for a green environment!

Call us immediately for more information on a secure fence system that blends in with the environment, coupled with an opportunity to work and represent an outstanding team at Omega II Fence Systems.

Here is how you can contact Esti Karo:
Phone: (303) 214-8574
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