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Safety in the Fencing World: Modification for Codes, Rust Prevention, Gate Security & Design and knowing bracket options.

Course description and objectives

  • Determine what modifications can be made to the fence system for standards/ codes/ regulations
  • Understand different treatment methods for rust prevention in steel fences
  • Learn gate design options to maintain a secure installation
  • Learn on bracket options to reduce onsite changes which can lead to rust and breach of security.

Professional Development and Continuing Education for Architects and Landscape Architects

    Why should you take our course?
  • Enhance Your Knowledge on Fence Systems
  • Accumulate LACES and AIA Training Hours

Our team is equipped to provide you with a better understanding of the different fencing options available on the market today. Our virtual or in-person meeting offers an informative presentation and discussion session about the different fencing, and the levels of security they provide.

Join us to accumulate LACES or AIA training hours for your continuing education.