omega fence
Omega Architectural™
Enhances the beauty and ambience of your property with a unique modern fence design
elite fence
Offers an urban modern look adaptable to old or today's updated concepts
omega gratings
Omega Gratings
Discover our new line of vertical gratings: OMEGA10, OMEGA20, OMEGA80 and OMEGA100
Omega gratings
Omega Gratings
Discover our new line of vertical gratings: OMEGA10, OMEGA20, OMEGA80 and OMEGA100
secur fence
Our strongest fence system ever, is made to resist the onslaught of even the most motivated trespassers.
evolution fence
Evolution panels are perfect to retrofit existing chain link fence, dramatically improving the look.
eco fence
An innovative and elegant platform to grow vines and plants.


In order to install our fence panels along walls without using posts, and upon architects’ and contractors’ requests, we have created this new Front Wall Mount Bracket. This bracket model is ideal for use in multi-level parking garage applications, or to incorporate vegetation on a wall.

Reach new heights!

Discover our new line of VERTICAL GRATINGS. A full range of steel gratings for vertical applications. Attractive and innovative European design. Made for a clean, architectural aesthetic appearance.

Introducing our new face mounting system that allows for the fence to virtually disappear when viewed at an angle. This bracket has been designed with the architect and installers in mind. Elegance & style without ever compromising security.

The ultimate blending in fence systems!


Is the “original” North American manufacturer who in 1992 introduced to the market a fresh new style of fencing systems. Since then, we can count thousands of projects and millions of linear feet enhancing the image of landscaping projects throughout North America and beyond.

Omega II is now proud to introduce the OMEGA VERTICAL GRATING - a line of electro-fused steel panels for fencing, infill panels, louvers, sunscreens and trellises. With a European flare, the OMEGA VERTICAL GRATING is available for architects to incorporate a modern design using a variety of patterns and possibilities. No matter what the choice, the results will be a highly secure, aesthetic solution with a complimentary element added to the landscape and surrounding architecture.

At Omega II we understand the need for versatility and change in the market place. We dedicate our efforts to offer outstanding fence systems at a competitive price for industrial, commercial, residential and custom designs. Our goal is to successfully integrate beauty, security and strength to produce the ideal fence for all projects, deterring even the most motivated trespasser and allowing your concept to shine through.


June 23-25, 2016 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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